We Put Our Hearts into Healing Yours

The cardiologists of Deen Health  are proud to bring advanced, academically-based cardiology care to Deen Health with our new outpatient center. Combining the expertise of experienced cardiologists with the extraordinary and well known cardiology capabilities of Deen Health, our  practice provides unparalleled cardiac care that is unique in the area.

Our cardiologists strive not only to detect potential problems before they are symptomatic and to treat conditions as they occur, but also to prevent  cardiac-related issues. Working with colleagues in related specialties such as internal medicine, endocrinology, and nutrition, our cardiologists will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Whether it is for a consultation, management of a cardiac problem, a second opinion, or advanced therapy, the cardiologists at Deen Health can help.

Conditions Treated & Services Provided

  • Consultative Cardiology
  • Management of Complex Cardiac Conditions
  • Management of Pacemakers and Defibrillators
  • Stress Testing
  • Nuclear Imaging
  • ICAEL accredited Echocardiography and Stress Echocardiography
  • Outpatient Arrhythmia Monitoring
  • Pacemaker and AICD management and reprogramming
  • 24-Hour Holter Monitoring
  • 30-Day Event Monitoring
  • AICD Interrogation/Analysis/Reprogramming


Mount Sinai has advanced imaging capabilities and cardiac sub-specialties such as advanced heart failure management, electrophysiology, and vascular medicine. Our specialists treat all heart-related conditions, from heart murmur to heart transplant.

Your First Appointment

Make sure you have all of the items on the following checklist when you come to your first appointment.


  • Medications and doses
  • Results of previous heart testing
  • Any cardiac records that you might have
  • Sneakers or other comfortable shoes with rubber soles and comfortable clothes, in case we need to perform a stress test
  • A list of questions for the doctor